Friday, May 21, 2021

Problem Solving Station.

 I'm one of the moms who tries to be upfront in Lottie's school carpool lane.  
I leave The White House at 2:15 and sit in line for over one hour so
 Lottie doesn't have to stay at school longer than she needs to.
On Friday, I even pack chips and a mini Dr. Pepper.
I've downloaded The Lovely War on audible, which is a book 
Claire has been trying to get me to read for years. 
And I love it.  So I don't mind waiting. 
But recently, she isn't coming out to the assigned pick-up spot that is
associated with the time I get there. 
(The sooner I get to the carpool lane, the better the number she gets).
So I am rerouted to a place in the parking lot called the 
I sit there for an additional 30 minutes while all the cars I felt sorry for
earlier who were waiting in the long line (sometimes redirected to a grassy
area for late-coming cars) go past me.
Finally, Lottie is happily escorted out to my car by a parking aid.
"Lottie!!" I'd say, "What on earth are you doing?
 I've been here waiting for you for
almost an hour and a half!!"
"I know, Mom, but you don't have to come so early.  
Actually, don't come so early."
Then I understood why.
She and her friends are filming a very exciting movie, and the only
time they have to work on it is after school.
I've noticed since she learned about our move earlier this month,
and since Claire has left on her mission
 she's been taking a stuffed animal to school.
I don't know if it is directly related to our move and all our changes, but
I'm fine with it.  I even talked to her teacher, Mrs. Carpenter, and she's OK 
with it, too.  I love her teacher so much!
And really, it's not that big of a deal to go to the problem
solving station and wait for a few extra minutes.  
But I wish it was a real place where I could go, park, and have 
all my problems solved.

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