Friday, May 21, 2021

Graduating COVID style

 It's that time of year!  
Yearbooks, caps, and gowns, graduating messages painted on cars,
 and senior graduating signs on front lawns.
 (Which I had never seen before moving here).
Even though our graduating senior Jane, is living 
a big girl life in Arizona, we're enjoying the festivities for her.
Today we picked up her yearbook, and it's the worst yearbook I've ever seen.  
COVID did a real doozy on the school year. 
Since the school year didn't start until this spring, 
most of the sports, clubs, dances, and activities were shut down.
Most kids didn't even have a photo inside since their
 school photos were never taken. (Ollie!).
Jane's beautiful senior photo did however 
make in since they did take senior photos!
She has had a great FFA photo and a super cute one
with and Ollie at the beach in the siblings at school section.
Of course, I put up the lawn sign
 (with a spotlight shining on it), 
and texted her screenshots of the yearbook.
One the way home I reminded Christian how crazy 
both of our girl's senior years
have been affected by COVID.  It's been such a bummer.
I'm so glad we see an end in sight!

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