Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Skinny

Oliver works at a golf course near our home as a greeter
and he manages the golf carts.
Christian and I went to visit him at work, and he is so cute,
and so efficient and so friendly! 

Sister Nielson is working hard and is often exhausted.
I am amazed at her progress and the faith she exudes.
And I'm blown away at her Portuguese!
On our way home from visiting Ollie at work, we saw
two adorable girls walking the path with a big black dog.
It was Claire and Jane, with Angus taking a break from studying.

Speaking of that big black dog,
he barks really loud at every car, person, bird, or anything that moves.

Jane is making plans.
Now that she is graduated, she is weighing her options.
She's got a lot of incredible possibilities, and I'm excited to watch her fly.
When Claire leaves in March, Jane will be really sad.  Really sad.
They've been besties forever.
 (see photo below:)

Gigs is a typical 14-year-old boy who squishes things like
 fruit snacks into a super heavy vise in his free time.
He also knows every random fact about any bug or moving creature
and keeps asking me if I will buy him an Asian giant forest scorpion.
His room looks like a mad scientist's workshop with ant habitats in one corner
and onions and potatoes growing in pots next to his hedgehog, 
Fern is in another corner.

Lottie creates, draws, and pretends all day.
She's working on a book called "Cat Spy."
Look for it on your local library shelves!
It's weird and really sad that we're not making Valentines for
 her 3rd-grade friends like usual.  
This pandemic just keeps on disappointing.

And that's the skinny.

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