Wednesday, February 10, 2021


 Last night after dinner Jane and I sat in the 
living room watching '90s music videos on youtube.   
We watched all the songs that were hot stuff when I was in high school.
It was so funny and brought back so many memories.
(Dave Matthews Band, Weezer, Jewel, No Doubt)

I had a friend in high school named Mike.  
Mike was the kind of kid who walked around school with
a camera around his neck.  He took some of the best photos
of our high school career.
Mike and I grew up in the same neighborhood and even 
had the same Kindergarten teacher.
When he turned 16 he got a job at a movie theater and sometimes
 I'd drop him off at work.
Often I'd see a giant garbage bag full of popcorn sitting on my front porch 
the next morning because he knew I'd love it. And he was right.
Mike was one of the first people who visited me after the accident
with some cool vintage Christmas ornaments.
Just a few days ago Mike sent a photo of me with my buddies,
 Gil and Toby when we were seniors in High School.
I was epic '90s with short slicked hair, chokers,
and a baseball tees.  
Kind of like the girl in Semisonic's 'Closing Time' music video.
Jane said she wished she had gone to high school in the '90s,
and now I am where I am in life, and I get why.  
It was a pretty great time.
Before cell phones, 9/11, and social media.

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