Friday, February 12, 2021

Lover's Holiday 2021//I Just Knew

Valentine's Day is one of my very favorite holidays because 
 I love to celebrate all the loves in my life,
especially my Mr. Nielson.
Like every year I choose a Valentine's Day 
song to dedicate to my Valentine.
Last year, I chose a song by Katie Melua called "No Fear of Heights"
and on my birthday Christian learned to play it
 This year I picked our 2021 song by one of our very favorite bands,
Better Than Ezra, called "I Just Knew".
BET has been one of those bands that have been with
us from the beginning of our marriage.  
I can still remember driving around town in our 1989 Suburu
 with Jimmy slobbering in the backseat
and us singing the words at the top of our lungs.
Now Jane and Claire sing it at the top of their lungs.
(We've since said goodbye to the Subaru).
2021 Lover's Holiday song:
I Just Knew by Better Than Ezra:

"When you walk in the noise disappears
Where you begin is perfectly clear
All this time I felt so confused
Then came you and I just knew"
When I first saw Christian in my dad's office in March of 2000
And when he spoke to me for the first time as I sat behind
the desk while putting stamps on paychecks, I JUST KNEW.
I JUST KNEW when I'd see his phone number on our caller id. (Remember that?)
I JUST KNEW when I found and stole his senior photo and slipped it
 in my wallet 20 years ago, (I still have it).

I JUST KNEW we were meant to be forever and always,
and that is one of the most real feelings I've ever had in my life.

Christian, I love you with all my little heart!

Happy Lover's Holiday, darling.

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