Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Preach, teach, expound, exhort

 Last week Christian ordained Oliver to the office of Priest.
Our family sat in our living room along with our Bishop via Zoom and witnessed
this special ordination of Oliver.
The priesthood is the power and authority of God. 
When a worthy young man turns 16, he may 
be ordained to the office of Priest.
Oliver's duty as a Priest is to "preach, teach, expound, exhort,..", and
last Sunday, he was able to bless the sacred Sacrament
for our family in our Home Church meeting.

Oliver's baptism day, January 2013

Oliver's ordination in January 2017

I love my Ollie boy and the man he is becoming.  
This is a crucial step in his progression toward becoming
 a God-fearing man, husband, father, provider, and missionary.
I am so proud of Oliver.  He is such a joy!
Oliver's blessing day January 2005

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