Thursday, January 14, 2021

Servants and Masters

 Yesterday I was on my phone and a terrible horrible ad popped up.
It was disgusting and took my breath away.  I was horrified.
Lottie has a few games she loves to play on my phone. 
 The free downloadable ones that are really stupid but that she loves
and that I let her play in small amounts a few times a day.
Our family is serious about technology safeguards.  
We talk about these family rules 3-4 times a week- we're serious about
keeping our kids protected and helping them make good choices.
I think while Lottie was on this stupid free game she may have clicked on
a stupid ad that pulled my phone into the black abyss of
 very, VERY inappropriate evilness from which I went
to great lengths to terminate from my phone.
I worried Lottie may have at some point seen something offensive.
I sat down with her and together we talked about the evils of technology.  
I also wanted her to know that if she 
had at any point seen anything that made her feel bad--
 it was NOT her fault, and that it was super important that she talk
to me about it.  
She assured me she hadn't seen anything, but I still felt very
shaken and then I was very mad.  I was mad at...well, at Satan and his
minions for ruining everything, taking away children's innocence, 
degrading everyone and everything,
and influencing people to do stupid things.
We talked extensively to the Nies at dinner about all of this nasty business.
We all recommitted to strengthing our technology safeguards, 
and using tighter self-control.  
Today we're taking a break from games and phones and computers.
Today Lottie didn't even ask if she could play on my phone. 
 Instead this afternoon after school she sat down and read the Friend
I was very pleased with that choice.

Christian and I always remind our children that
Technology is our servant, not our master.

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