Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas Day 2020

 Christmas was a hit!
Christmas Eve was a little different than normal.
Usually, we go to a movie and out to dinner.
This year we Hygged it out at home, except at 2:00 when
Christian and I left the house to get out for a spell
 and found ourselves getting a giant Coke with MacDionlad fries.
We finally left the house around 6:00 for pizza.
We came home and had a nice Zoom Christmas Eve program 
Christian's family.
Christian and I went to bed on Christmas Eve around 3:00 exhausted and excited.
There's always that one child who you're worried won't like what they got, 
or didn't seem like they got as many gifts as everyone else, 
and there's a little stress with that.  
And yes, we went to bed feeling a little concerned.
But Christmas morning came and all expectations were met
 (I think unless that child lied...).
(The Nies posing with their Norwegian trolls from Grandpa and Umi)
Gift review:
The Nies gave Christian a cheese making kit and Jane brought
home fresh unpasteurized milk from the dairy she works at.
I received a very beautiful, very Hygge candle holder
Claire: mission luggage
Jane: cedar chest (which Christian didn't quite finish.
He was a very busy man this season).
Oliver: new computer
Nicholas:  3D printer
Lottie: TWO mice, Itchy, and Peanut.
The White House had a little mouse problem last summer
and took swift measures to rid of them (if you know what I mean),
and now we willingly bought TWO for pets? What were we thinking??  
For 10 days they stayed in our bathroom since we Santa 
picked them out early.
Despite the stink, they are actually so adorable!
Other gifts:
Oliver got a photo of Nicholas and turned it into an awesome 
Simpsons character.  He gave Lottie Lip Smackers
which for the record, was MY favorite gift at her age!
Claire gave Nicholas a painting of Fern the hedgehog,
and Lottie a red-headed Barbie with 10 dresses in 10 different boxes.
Gigs gave Jane a yoga block.
And Jane gave Claire a jade face roller.
Lottie gave Jane snake earrings- because she's of the
Slytherin House (Harry Potter).
And Baby Yoda was a recurring theme.

The best part of the day was Christmas breakfast of
Ebelskivers with cheese and fruit. I made homemade hot chocolate with
my famous cinnamon and cardamon marshmallows.

We stayed at the table and the Nies passed gifts around.
My heart swelled at what they had picked out for each other
with tons of love and hugs!  
That is what Christmas is all about...and Jesus, of course!
Around 4:00 I took myself to my bed where I turned on the 
mattress heater and took a nice long nap.
Later Lottie fell asleep in my bed with her new American Girl doll, Joss.
Merry Christmas one and all!

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