Monday, December 28, 2020

Home Church Week #39 /What Am I Doing?

 For Home Church this week, I shared with the 
Nies some thoughts about goal setting 
as we start thinking and preparing to write our New Year goals next week.
I read a beautiful story by Sister Michelle D. Craig:

Jesus Christ sees people deeply. He sees individuals, 
their needs, and who they can become. 
Where others saw fishermen, sinners, or publicans, 
Jesus saw disciples; where others saw a man possessed by devils,
 Jesus looked past the outward distress, acknowledged the man, and healed him.
Even in our busy lives, we can follow the example
 of Jesus and see individuals—their needs, their faith, their struggle, 
and who they can become.
As I pray for the Lord to open my eyes to see things I might not normally see,
 I often ask myself two questions and 
pay attention to the impressions that come: 

“What am I doing that I should stop doing?” and
 “What am I not doing that I should start doing?”

Months ago, during the sacrament, I asked myself these questions
 and was surprised by the impression that came.
 “Stop looking at your phone when you are waiting in lines.
” Looking at my phone in lines had become almost automatic; 
I found it a good time to multitask, catch up on email,
 look at headlines, or scroll through a social media feed.
The next morning, I found myself waiting in a long line at the store.
 I pulled out my phone and then remembered the impression I had received.
 I put my phone away and looked around. 
I saw an elderly gentleman in line ahead of me.
 His cart was empty except for a few cans of cat food.
 I felt a little awkward but said something really clever like, 
“I can see you have a cat.” He said that a storm was coming, 
and he did not want to be caught without cat food. 
We visited briefly, and then he turned to me and said, 
“You know, I haven’t told anyone this, but today is my birthday.” 
My heart melted. I wished him a happy birthday
 and offered a silent prayer of thanks that I had not been on my 
phone and missed an opportunity to truly see and connect 
with another person who needed it.
I want my family to really think when we write
 our 2021 goals about the two questions she asks:
What am I doing that I should stop doing?” and 
"What am I not doing that I should start doing?"
I told them weeks ago that after reading this talk, I asked my
 Heavenly Father those very things and was amazed
 at how quickly I received answers.
I was blessed to have been shown a little glimpse of what I needed
to change in my life- for the better.
I was and am so incredibly grateful for that insight.
I promised and testified to my children that they too, can have answers
to their questions and insight for their goals because
the Lord loves them and cares about their lives.

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