Friday, October 23, 2020

The Soundtrack to My Childhood

(Kentucky Darby party 2011)
Yesterday I saw a really funny Halloween cartoon from 1937
then went to my phone to text Topher to tell him all about it.  
I knew he would have really appreciated and loved it
mainly since it shamelessly copies 
Disney's Silly Symphonies' The Skelton Dance',
which is our favorite Halloween cartoon of all time.
I find myself doing that a lot; going to the phone to text Topher a message
 especially lately since it's Halloween, and right now
 everything reminds me of him!
These photos of us together in Utah popped up on my phone because
I was with him exactly one year ago today.
If he were still here, I'd send him these photos of Mr. Bones
peeking into our window because he would have liked that.
When I was a little girl, I'd get dressed up in big slips and costumes
 and asked Topher to play the piano while I danced around the living room.  
I'd request the theme from Sleeping Beauty
and he'd ham it up big and loud, swaying along as if he 
were doing the waltz with the piano.
Some of my most joyful memories as a child are with Topher.
He was the soundtrack to my childhood, playing the piano at
every holiday party and on Sunday afternoons when the family would 
request songs.  Topher could play anything and everything just by ear.
He was a genius, and I miss him so SO much!

* * * * * 

Spiritual Enlightenment:
""For after much tribulation come the blessings" (D&C 58:4).
Sisters, I testify that these promises, given in the midst 
of persecutions and personal tragedies, 
apply to each of you in your troubling circumstances today. 
They are precious and remind each of us to be of good cheer
 and to have joy in the fulness of the gospel as we
 press forward through the challenges of mortality."

* * * * *
My heart goes to my dear friend, Liz, 
whose husband Collin recently died.
Liz, I love you so much!  
(Collin, at our Welcome Autumn party/Utah/2010)


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