Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome Autumn Dinner Party

Last night was our much anticipated dinner party with friends.
The weather cooperated with us in perfect manner. Autumn welcomed us by a crisp evening, beautiful colors splashed in the backyard and on the mountains above us.
It was wonderful.

Our record player serenaded us while we ate.
Norah Jones is the perfect tunes for a laid back dinner with friends.
(Mindy, when are you going to make LP's??)
The Autumn lovers roll call:

Katie & Lance (we missed you buddy)
Adrian & Kristin
Laura & Jason
Elizabeth & Collin
Mr. Nielson & Stephanie

On the Menu:

Grilled garlic salmon
Butter greens with tomatoes and Gorgonzola cheese
Cheese tortellini (which was really dry), topped with tomato sauce and basil.
Cooked rosemary carrots.
Three types of artisan bread.
Fresh peaches and apples from local fruit stand.

Essie nail polish in my favorite autumn colors for the girls
and tart apple's from my tree for the boys.


Cherry almond tart, Peach cobbler, and apple-oatmeal pie.
Along with pecan and vanilla ice cream.

The night ended with candlelight conversation and cobbler.
The evening couldn't have been sweeter.
Welcome Autumn indeed.

(Thanks to Liz for taking the pictures!)

Lovely: Putting flannel sheets on everyone's bed.

Horrible: Ollie got stung by a bee and is sick.