Thursday, October 22, 2020

Stranger Things

Since the Nielson household is crazy about Halloween, 
we've made it a regular occurrence to drive around
 beautiful places in North Carolina to see things like:
trees with leaves changing, 
creepy abandoned houses, 
and spooky Halloween decorations on people's lawns.
This time Christian took the family to a rock quarry in a
itty bitty town off the beaten path.
Then out of nowhere this giant hole in the
 earth with bright green water appeared.
This was a deep reservoir with jagged cliffs and trees surrounding it.  
It truly was petrifying!
Once we arrived, my hands immediately began sweating and 
I began having severe anxiety attacks followed by
 unrealistic fears that something terrible would happen to my children.
I pictured them tripping and falling into the water below never to be seen again.
I held the hood of Lottie's sweatshirt with clenched fists.
You know that part in Stranger Things when they find 
Will Byers' body in Sattler Quarry? 
Well, this quarry was very, VERY similar.
And, did you know that the Duffer brothers who created Stranger Things
Coincidence?  I think NOT!
To save my sanity we didn't stay long and were back on the road to
visit another itty bitty town with cool old buildings and barns.

We've got some cool other Halloweeny spots to visit before the 31st!

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