Wednesday, October 28, 2020

On a Dark and Stormy Night....

 On a dark and stormy night in October...
(not really, actually it was a super hot afternoon in October).
We were taking a drive in the country
complete with a spooky playlist of Halloween music (The Village!!!).
 Drives are a regular occurrence for us, but this drive was different!
As the car rolled down a tree-lined hill and around a corner, we slowed down
to admire a super cool old abandoned barn on the side of the road.  
But then the weirdest looking thing moved across the barn and stopped. 
 I think we all screamed and Christian slammed on the breaks.
What the heck did we all just see???
Lottie rolled up the window and I locked the doors.
We looked closer to discover the scariest looking creature on 4 legs.
Was it a dog? A fox? Maybe a coyote? Or a Demidog??
He also kinda looked like the spooky dogs in "I Am Legend".

 We had NO IDEA, but we did know that it was skinny and mangy with 
   patches of bloody scabs all over his body.
It was not normal and had rabies written all over it.
Maybe it was the eerie music playing but I had chills.
It stopped to look at us with bloodshot eyes.
Then just as quick as we spotted him he turned around and disappeared 
inside a little crack in the barn.

I think we will talk about this Halloween dog for years to come.
We've even discussed the creepy possibility of
going back to see if we come across him again-- you know, 
since it is Halloween and all.


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