Thursday, October 29, 2020

NINETEEN! Happy Birthday Claire

 Claire was born early on a stormy Monday morning in Provo, Utah.
I was so excited to bring a daughter into the world
(especially in those rainy October conditions!).
When Claire was just hours old we lay together 
 on my hospital bed on the 4th floor. 
 I had a little window which overlooked the city and the mountains.
I must have spent the whole day 
examinng every little detail of my beautiful new girl.
She had been delivered early morning before the sun had come up, 
and now the sun was going down making the colorful mountains 
cast shadows on the rainy city.
It couldn't have been cozier for both of us.
Chrisitan brought me dinner from Cafe Rio (and his homework) and we 
had our first meal together as a family.
I'll never forget it.
(Oh how I wish I had photos!!)
Our 7-pound Claire came into the world and into our lives allowing Christian
and me the sacred experience of feeling Godly happiness.
She taught us what real love looks like, what pure joy feels like,
and what absolute happiness really is.
She was new and bright and perfect, and I was so excited to be her mother.
I was eager to know her, understand her, 
 teach her, and ultimately grow up with her. 
She still offers me those experiences even as a woman, and 
we've been best friends since 2001. (We are only 20 years apart!).
She will always be my little "Toad".
Claire, I love you so much and am so excited about 
what this next year brings for you!!  
(And it's going to be pretty amazing!!!!)
 Happy Birthday to the most lovely, spiritually strong, patient,
 wise, and dependable 19-year old I've ever known!

(Us in 2016 in front of our first house in Provo)

I'm crying as I write this post.

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