Tuesday, October 27, 2020


 Christian and I attempted to be fun parents and 
took the Nies to the pumpkin patch out in the country.
It started off bad from the second we got in the car because
everyone wanted the window seat (it's the same ol' story!).
This time of year I see lots of photos of families picking out pumpkins
with beanies and sweaters and boots on. They all have big smiles 
and are posing perfectly by cute pumpkins.
And well...that was NOT us.
First of all, it was 89 degrees,
and second, we didn't call in advance and reserve us a spot in the patch and
the wait time was 4 hours plus a $20 entrance fee. EACH!
It looked really fun, but not $140 fun.
I snapped a few photos of the fam on the farm (grumpy),
 then we drove to Walmart down the road where
 we each picked out a nice plump pumpkin
from the giant wood bins in the front of the store for $3.89. EACH!
For some reason, this made everyone happy, plus with all the money
we saved from not going to the picture-perfect pumpkin patch, we went
to Wendy's for french fries and ice cream...the best combo!
We came home and Mr. Nielson put up my floating candles above the dinner table,
and that made me super happy.
Then he took a lovely nap on the porch swing.
It looks super comfy!
And then it turned out to be a picture-perfect day after all!

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