Monday, October 05, 2020


This weekend we pulled out the air mattresses, our coziest blankets, 
and we stocked up on treats in preparation to
 watch the 190th general conference!  
It's one of our family's FAVORITE weekends!
We love the counsel and guidance we hear from our
 wonderful 96-year-old Prophet, and other Church leaders, 
including our dear friend, MATT HOLLAND!!
Before the Sunday morning session, Christian and I made our
traditional Ebelskivers, complete with all the delicious toppings 
including homemade syrup
(which I only made because, at the last minute, I realized we 
didn't have any).
(On the April Sunday morning session, I make German Pancakes).
The women's session was a little different this year. 
 Instead of meeting Paige and her girls for dinner pre-conference 
(because she moved and because of COVID), my girls and I 
dressed up and together and watched the conference on the couch.
Several times I looked at my beautiful girls
(this was Lottie's first women's conference!), and I nearly lost it
because I was feeling very emotional and overwhelmed with gratitude.
I thank God every day for these strong, lovely women who
I get to call my daughters.
Mr. Nielson and the boys had left when the conference began, so it
could be just the girls at home for this special experience.
Right before the closing prayer was said, the boys walked in with
pizza from our favorite spot, and we ate and shared our favorite
talks and what touched us.
It will be such a memorable women's session, and one
I don't think any of us will forget.
Then the Nies all hopped in the hot tub, and Mr. Nielson and I 
went to bed.  We're old.
In between sessions, we always take a drive.
The weather this weekend was killin' it:

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