Friday, October 02, 2020

It's October!!

Last night we enjoyed our "Welcome Fall"
 dinner and party.
This is what we ate:
-Kale sweet potato salad with pears and avocados 
topped with maple dressing and pumpkin seeds.
-Penne pasta in a pumpkin parmesan sauce
-Warm bread & cheese board.
I put Mr. Nielson in charge of picking up the doughnuts for dessert 
but this year in addition to picking up our usual dozen at Krispy Kreme,
I also requested he pick up a dozen of my favorite Duck Donuts because
I am a sucker for a good cake donut with sprinkles.
As it turns out, the girls like Duck Donuts more, and the boys like Krispy Kreme.
So that turned out great.
Also, I am conflicted because is it "donuts" or "doughnuts"??
(I'll use both spellings in this post).
I made cider with anise and cinnamon and we enjoyed a fabulous night
with the back door wide open.  (Come on cold weather, I'm waiting for you!!!).
I couldn't stop thinking about Topher.
Halloween will ALWAYS remind me of him; the home movies
he made with us, the costumes he helped us put together
for the trick-or-treating, HIS amazing Halloween costumes,
and the scary movies he'd make us watch.
And tonight I missed him a lot.
(2017/Topher was flying ace)

This weekend is a very special one for our family-- as well as all
members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
This weekend we will hear from our prophet, President Russell M. Nelson
and other wonderful church leaders at our 190th General Conference.
My family has taken the week off of all social media
 (games, IG, Pinterest, Facebook, Minecraft) to prepare ourselves
to hear the word of the Lord.  
(what is General Conference? Find out here!)
President Nelson said:
Dear brothers and sisters,
A pandemic cannot and will not stop the Lord from embracing us. 
His love is constant. He never stops watching over us.
 He has promised that He will be on our right hand and on our left,
 that His Spirit will be in our hearts, and that even 
You and I have a special opportunity to feel His love 
I pray that you and your family are preparing to hear the words
 the Lord will speak to you through His servants.
I also hope that you will prayerfully consider inviting friends and family,
including those of other faiths, to watch general conference
 so that they too may feel the Lord’s embrace.


President Russell M. Nelson

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