Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Happy 14th to Gigs!

Happy 14th Birthday to my Nicholas Jones Nielson!
Today 14 years ago, my big boy came into the world, silent as a mouse.
No crying or screaming followed his delivery.  
He plopped out on the bed and looked around, calm and content.
To this day, he is still very calm and content.
(Gigs & Me 2006)
Yesterday morning Gigs came to the office where I
 was preparing our school for the day, and he said, 
"I did it."
 "You did what?
I asked.  
"I finished The Book of Mormon," he said.
And he plans on reading Joseph Smith's account of the First Vision today.
Joseph was only 14 when he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ.
14 is an extraordinary age.
Nicholas is named after a long line of righteous commandment-keeping
men who held fast to their covenants and promises to God.
He has big shoes to fill, but I know they will fit him fine.
He, too, is a righteous commandment-keeping boy who honors 
his Priesthood duties.  He is dedicated to his church service
and personally tries each day to grow up to be a strong, healthy man.
He is kind, gentle, and respectful.
And he likes bugs.
Today I am canceling school, and we are headed to the pet store where
I promised him I wouldn't rush him.
He can look at every last dog bone, check out the critter terrariums, 
the cricket habitats, dive deep in the hedgehog sweater bin, 
and read all the ingredients in the ferret food.
I don't know what Gigs will be or do when he grows up,
but I can tell you it's my privilege to raise him.
(Gigs and Christian, 2006)

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