Monday, September 21, 2020

Home Church Week 27/Church with friends

  This week we enjoyed our home church service with some friends.  
It's so nice to gather with people- it's been sooooo long! 
We've still been quarantine-ing here in North Carolina, but last week
our governor moved the state to a phase 2 
restriction plan, which means we can gather with a limited amount of people.
North Carolina has been one of the toughest states in terms of
the COVID quarantine and restrictions.
Church will continue next week with a small number of gatherers
and on a once a month per family in attendance basis.
  There will be masks, social distancing, and lots of hand sanitizer.

During our friend devotional, we discussed how we've felt Christ in our lives,
and how He has guided paths as we've navigated the pandemic with our families.
It was beautiful and very special.  After we had a lovely lunch 
together where we caught up each other's lives, 
discussed what books we're reading,
shows we're watching (not many), and COVID activities we're doing.
I am so thankful for wonderful, faithful friends who share the same love 
for Jesus Christ as our family does.
On Friday I broke down and got out a few more Halloween 
decorations (Mr. Bones!) from storge.
(Lottie talkked me into it!) 
And I watched the 24 Hours of Le Mans car race which 
 I LOVED!  I'm kind of a car girl, and really like fast cars.
The TV was on for most of the 24 hours the race was going, and
I watched a good portion of it.
My bet was on the Aston Martin, which took first in the GTE Pro race.
In another life, I think I drove a fast car.

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