Friday, September 18, 2020


There are so many reasons I love the Church, but today
 I felt overwhelmed with love as I participated along with
 Christian, Jane, Oliver, and several other members of
 our congregation to put together groceries for those in need. 
We woke up early and drove in the pouring rain 
to get to the building in time to unload the food truck.
I couldn't help but remember our past family theme from 2019:  "FOR HIM"
Everything we do in our lives is for Him, our Savior.  
We serve, grow, live, love, and minister in His name and for Him
because we love Him and want to be like Him, 
but more importantly we can't do it without Him.
(Jane and Ollie on a 7:00 am seminary zoom)

Since I knew I'd be gone for the morning,  I assigned Claire 
to get Lottie set up with her school zoom, and 
 Gigs started on his homeschool lesson before she had to leave for work.
When we got home later that morning I found them
on the couch with a bag of chips watching Finding Nemo.
When I asked them why they weren't doing school they said,
"Because you weren't here."
Then I felt like an ER doctor giving orders:
"Well, I'm home now, turn the TV off, Gigs get the vacuum out and
 suck up the crumbs, Lottie, get your computer open and 
signed into your google classroom,
Gigs grab your coursebook and turn to page 16, start reading the directions,
 Ollie pick up the pillows and put them back on the couch,
 Jane, light a candle then feed Angus,
 and then everyone for the love of Pete, sit down at the table."
And soon we were all sitting at the dining room table and I wasn't 
Dr. Nielson giving orders anymore, 
I was Mrs. (teacher) Nielson holding up Lottie's 
multiplication cards as she passed them off, 
and began dictating sentences for Gigs
to write down in his notebook.
Then I became Chef Nielson and offered frozen grapes and peanut 
butter sandwiches for lunch.
And just like many other women and mothers all over the world
I had a few other hats that I put on before the day ended, 
and was very happy to be finishing the day with my nightcap.
(Not the drink).

"Women wear many hats, but it is impossible and unnecessary, 
to wear them all at once. The Spirit helps us determine
 which work to focus on today."

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