Thursday, September 10, 2020

Hey Butta!

 Today we studied mammals and assigned them into a diet category:
 carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores.
 We determined:
Nielson family: omnivore (we occasionally eat salmon, eggs, and cheese)
Angus: omnivore (he LOVES bananas)
Fern: omnivores (Fern loves a good stinky egg now and again)
Peep & Coco our parakeets: omnivore (they eat worms and snails and seeds)
The cattle: herbivores
Then we decided we all needed a little break since some of us were starting
to get really grouchy and some of us had ants in our pants.
We decided to go to the secret park.
This is the great thing about home school and virtual learning,
if you need a break you can take a break!
Mr. Nielson was able to step away from work 
and join us and be the all-time swing pusher. 
My goodness, somedays homeschool is the best and somedays I want to die.  
I remember feeling these same emotions while homeschooling at the ranch. 
But when I go to bed at night I reflect on the
 cool conversations I had with Gigs and
I feel very grateful I am learning right along with him.  
Yes, there are days when I want to wring his neck,
but most days I'm not the teacher or the leader, 
I'm just learning right along with him.

Did you know that George Washington was an excellent dancer?
Or that all mammals have hair (even dolphins and whales).
Want to hear a joke?
What did one cube of butter say to the other cube butter?
"Hey, my butta from another utter!"
(Joke compliments of Jane, of course)

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