Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Relief Society President

 I was made the Pittsboro Relief Society president of the
 Pittsboro, North Carolina ward in August 2020- right during the Pandemic.
In September, I sent a letter to all the sisters with this letter:
To my Sisters of the Pittsboro Ward,
In the Bible, we read of a woman who suffered for twelve years
 with a debilitating problem and remarkable faith, 
she exercised in the Savior by exclaiming,
 “If I may touch but his garment, I shall be whole” (Mark 5:28). 
I imagine her feeble but faithful fingers 
stretching out to grasp His garment hem, 
capturing the Savior’s attention and miraculous healing.  
President Nelson described her situation by saying 
that physical stretching was symbolic of her spiritual stretching.
This subject of stretching makes me think of my skin.  
Years ago, I was in an accident resulting 
in burn injuries over 80% of my body. 
One of the most important therapies a burn survivor can do is to stretch the tender skin, 
otherwise, burn scars immediately begin to contract.  
As scars heal, they shrink down tighter and tighter until
 permanent immobility sets in.  
Intensive stretching therapy extends function and healing, 
but the problem with stretching is it’s very painful.
In both a physical and spiritual sense, 
stretching is essential for growth and is often really uncomfortable, 
sometimes painful, but the outcome of our
 St strenuous stretching can bring joy, peace, healing, movement, and comfort.  

Elder Richard G. Scott explained: 
“We were taught in the premortal world that our purpose in
 coming here is to be tested, tried, and stretched.” 
 This kind of stretching has come to me in many forms.
I believe that both physical and spiritual stretching is
 necessary to grow in our glorious roles as women, such as;
 wife, mother, sister, aunt, minister, or friend. 

 Personally, I wouldn’t be here today had I not endured some significant stretching.  
Sisters, will you stretch with me as we work together
 to make Christ the center of our lives in everything we do and every choice we make?  
My favorite thing about Relief Society is the unity
 I feel with my sisters and what we are capable of together.  
 Please believe me when I testify that  
the Savior will be with us every step of the way in our stretching opportunities. 
 He is helping us navigate our feelings of inadequacy, 
depression, anxiety, pain, and worry, especially during these difficult days. 
I love you!
Love, Stephanie Nielson 
September 9, 2020

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