Friday, September 11, 2020

It's 4:00 somewhere.

 Around 4:00 on Friday afternoon, I start feeling the weekend setting in.
 I can feel my breath slow down, and my muscles relax. 
All obligations, zoom meetings, 
school e-mails, and deadlines melt away.
4:00 on Friday afternoons is when I give myself permission to have
 a Dr. Pepper and officially celebrate that the weekend has begun!
Lottie and I usually share a can because
I don't think I could ever drink the whole thing.
The invention of the "mini can" was genius.
I think I would even benefit from a little shot can size because
I usually just need a cold refreshing sip.  
Anyway, after I make pizza on Friday evening, 
I don't cook until the cock crows on Monday morning. 
Either we go out or someone else cooks 
(Mr. Nielson on Sunday and Oliver make mean burritos), 
or we've been known to eat cereal for a few meals, 
and no one seems to mind.

It's 4:00 somewhere, right?!

* * * * * *
We are here on this earth to learn and grow, and the most important 
learning and growing will come from our covenant connection to
 Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. From our faithful relationship with
 Them come godly knowledge, love, power, and capacity to serve.

****Happy Patriot Day!****

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