Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Four Hours

 Well, congratulations to the Nielson family because now we have three
Nies who can DRIVE!  I went to the DMV with Jane and Ollie
this afternoon and FOUR HOURS later
 Jane finally AND successfully got her license, and Ollie got his permit!
Going to the DMV was emotionally exhausting and overwhelming,
but really has anyone on this planet ever had an
awesome experience at the DMV?  FOUR hours??
Oliver drove us home and my only critique to him was to slow down 
around corners because we weren't in a formula 1 race.
Anyway, being at the DMV that long took the wind out of my sails
so we went to dinner to celebrate the kids passing their tests,
and because cooking sounded like the worst.
I only saw Christian once during the day and that was when he
popped out of our bedroom/his office to
 fill up his water bottle during lunch.
He's been so busy with work and it's been such a blessing.

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