Thursday, September 24, 2020

I am Bound.

I've never asked God why I was in an 
airplane crash, or why the horrific aftermath caused so much pain in my life
 and the ones I love because I've always just trusted Him.
 But lately, in my prayers, I've found myself asking:
"why her?" or "why him?" and "why that good family?" 
I have seen some heartbreaking challenges recently
that friends and acquaintances are dealing with, and I have to admit that
 I can't understand God's will sometimes.
Today I had a conversation over the phone with a wonderful
A southern elderly woman who believes
in God but doesn't necessarily believe in going to church.
In fact, the only reason she got baptized was 
because she loved the missionaries who taught her. 
We talked about the country and the events of the world, and
 I told her how comforted I was knowing God was at the helm.
She agreed and had never heard anyone express it that way.
 She's heard politicians declare how they'll save certain programs like
the economy and the poverty rate. They'll save broken schools,
 repair the hated among people, and fix the dividing lines of racism.
They can sure try-- but they can't do it.
 I know who can!! And more importantly,
I know who will; our Savior, Jesus Christ!
There is a scripture in 2 Chronicles in the Old Testament:
 "With him is an arm of flesh; but with us is the Lord our God to help us, 
and to fight our battles."
We must be careful not to put our faith and trust in man,
and we must be humble enough to believe that
only the Savior of the world can make it right and only
He will have all the answers to our "why" questions.
And I'm so thankful for our country's courageous leaders 
and communities helping our country (and the world) remain
true to its heritage and remain a bright place for future generations.
Our family prays for them every night that they will lead with faith
and make good choices that will defend morals and values.
Today, as I ironed, Lottie sat on the dryer reading me her book
about three dachshunds and a bakery.
 I looked at her and her beautiful innocence and felt so grateful 
that she was safely gathered in my home and under my protection.
I suspect this might be how our Father in Heaven feels about us when we
keep His commandments and follow
His ordained prophet, President Nelson.
We have been promised to be safe and protected if we follow Him.
"I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; 
but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."

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