Thursday, September 03, 2020

100 More!.

 On August 16th, and like every August 16th since 2008
I had treats sent to my people at the Arizona Burn Center.
Most years I ask my best friend Lindsay to deliver
the treats since she lives in Arizona. (I love you Linds!).
Because of the skillful dedication of 
doctors, surgeons, nurses, therapists and staff
 to me and Christian, we get to celebrate another year of life here
 on this beautiful earth with our children!
My heart could never adequately describe my love and devotion to them
for their service, perseverance, patience, and persistence in our care.
 I also wrote a little note to my heroes with a family photo 
and I heard it hung on a wall in the break room.
There are only a handful of the same doctors, nurses, and therapists still
 working in the AZBC who were there 12 years ago when we were brought in,
and they will forever be considered part of our family,
and I will forever send treats to the burn center no matter what.
My little family celebrated August 16 over a simple dinner,
and I gifted Christian a famed quote from our 2020 love song, 
Those words have been very happy and hopeful 
for us during some of our hardest trials together. 
 It hangs above our bed.
Here's to 100 more August 16th's!!

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