Monday, August 17, 2015

2008-2015 seven years

Yesterday Mr. Nielson and I celebrated the 7th anniversary of our accident.
Since we are striving to strictly obey the Sabbath day, we celebrated quietly at home with the Little Nies.  We attended our church meetings and after came home and reflected on our blessings.

We have such deep gratitude for the many many men and women, doctors, nurses, hospitals, therapists, bishops, leaders and people like you who sustained us when we needed it most.
But my heart is deeply grateful for my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.
I could not have done it without them.  I still cannot do it without them. 
 I have a deep connection and personal relationship with God. 
He knows me, knows my pain, my sorrows and frustrations. 
 I believe He knows my name, and what I desire and need.  
He knows how to heal me and my family and continues to do so everyday.
I have learned that placing my complete trust in Him will always results
in the best outcome in my life.

After dinner, we took the Little Nies up to Salt Lake City 

I spent over 2 months there recovering and healing there
and its always nice going back to visit and support others. 
 We visited with sweetheart Baylee.
She is alert and beautiful!  I am so proud of her- she is on her road to recovery.
This requires lots of patience, love, bravery an courage.  She can do it!
It's nice to visit the hospital, but even 
nicer to be able to leave on my own two feet,
 with little hands holding mine.  
And soon that time will come for Baylee and the other 
survivors who feel like this is it for them- it's not.

In the last 7 years I have learned that being happy sometimes take a lot of work.
Physical and emotional work, but worth fighting hard for.
  I've learned that my family is the most
important thing in my life.  I live for them and work hard for them.
Even when I hurt, they get me going and I feel confident around them.
I have realized that my relationship with Mr. Nielson is everything.
He is everything and together we can do anything.
And I know that with God, anything is possible.
And of course I had cupcakes sent to the amazing burn center in Phoenix!
I always want them to know how thankful we are to be 
alive and functioning--in part thanks to them.
(Thank you Spencer, Lindsay, and the Gilbert Sweet Tooth Fairy).