Wednesday, August 12, 2020

On the Isle

We packed up the car (and the bucket bike) and headed to our
 favorite beach on Emerald Isle, part of North Carolina's Crystal Coast.
In the car on the way to the beach, we found ourselves
driving in the middle of a
 scary rainstorm with thunder and lightning.  
I was discouraged, thinking our beach day was a flop, 
but just as we arrived in the darling town of Emerald Isle,
 the sun shone and turned into one of our best beach days to date.
The weather was lovely, the sand was soft (and hot),
and the water was the perfect temperature.
I'm so enjoying having my nieces visiting with us!
They feel more like two of my daughters and fit in with
us Nielsons perfectly!  
We searched for shells, lounged in the super-warm tide pools,
(Lolo fell asleep!), and we buried Nicholas in the sand.
(I don't know what was more miserable to watch, seeing
him powerless in the sand hole or his hair in his face.)
Can you tell Lottie is in love with Drew?

I was there too, and here's a selfie to prove it!

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