Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Visitors from the Wild West

 Yesterday afternoon Christian and I picked up my two nieces, 

Chicky and Lolee (or Lolo, or Lo) at the airport. 

They flew into humid North Carolina from Utah to spend the week with our family

 and be forced to eat a non-meat diet, and to drink large amounts of my favorite Bubly drinks.

(I hope they don't mind!).

It's so nice to have them close, they are such a breath of fresh air and Lottie has taken

to Chicky so deeply that I fear I might need to intervene or Lottie

 will monopolize Chicky for the whole trip.

If Lottie had it her way, the two of them would be

 playing with her stuffed animals the whole time.

We had dinner (grain bowls) and then sat out 

on the porch to swing away the evening.

Today we are headed to the beach! 80-degree beach water here we come!

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