Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Social Distancing Love

We know the rules we understand how easily the C-virus spreads
 and also the devastation it has caused.
So to still connect with our loved ones near us 
and keep our family and our friends protected,
our family came up with a plan.
We decorated Mr. Nielson's truck with crepe paper, treats,
bubbles, and loud music we drove to our loved ones' homes to deliver 
some social distancing love.
When we were a few houses away I sent a text to the family and
instructed them to go out on their porch and wait for a surprise.
(I was pretty confident they'd be home).
Then the Nies jumped in the back of
 Mr. Nielson's truck just in time to greet our friends on this slow drive-by.
With the song Hombre Religioso (from Nacho Libre)
blasting from the truck speakers we
drove by like were in a parade throwing out candy and blowing bubbles.
We also brought a 6-foot stick to deliver fresh oranges
 from the side of the truck to our neighbors' hands. 
We have plans to revisit friends again soon if this quarantine
goes on longer (which I think it will).
We're already thinking of plans for our next visit.

Farewell March, Hello April

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