Thursday, April 02, 2020


Since we might be in our current world situation for a while,
 I decided to clean out the office space
so it could double as an exercise studio
(and it just sounds cool to say the word "studio").
My bedroom/exercise space was getting awfully crowded
 (wedged in between the TV and the bed).
The new office/studio is pretty small,
 but there is way more space for me to move around in.  
Now I just need an actual barre and mirror, and I'll be set.
But no, the truth is, I miss my friends at the studio and 
especially the instructors who I was really good friends with.
I don't want to make anything too permanent since I know
things will get back to normal someday.
Today at homeschool Lottie had a facetime meeting with all of her
classmates and teacher.  It was THE CUTEST thing I've ever seen.
Not only did she get to see her friends, but she also saw their
pets and houses, and sometimes parents and siblings.
Once everyone was logged into the meeting, 
she asked to move into the office/studio
so she could have some privacy.
After her meeting and since I was on a clean-out roll, we went upstairs
to her room with two separate bags, one for
 "donate" and one for "garbage".
How does she have 300 stuffed animals??
If she struggled to say goodbye to a toy,
I  would remind her that her 8th birthday was coming up,
and she immediately made room.
Then I think she picked through the bag and resued a few items
when I-or when she thought I wasn't looking.
We have some really wonderful family surprises planned for Lottie 
tomorrow for her 8th birthday celebration.
It's not rollerskating at an empty rink like last year, 
but it will probably turn out even more fun.
Despite the state lockdown, we will still parrrrty!

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