Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Home Church week 3

Last Sunday we invited our sister missionaries over for our family home church.
We were pretty cautious of the 6 feet
 social distancing rule and only met for one hour.
In that glorious hour, we sang and prayed and bore sweet
 testimonies of Jesus Christ and of the Restoration of the Gospel,
 and the Prophet Joseph Smith.
The best part was when the Ollie, Nicholas, 
and Mr. Nielson blessed and passed the holy Sacrament to us.
I had tears of gratitude and so much love for my
 Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement.
And I felt emotional because I am SO thankful for the Priesthood
in my home, and for my boys who honorably use it.
Saturday night Jane made homemade bread for the sacred Sacrament.
It's Jane's way of showing her dedication
and love to the Lord and His holy day.
I love her for it, and it's so delicious!
 (She usually makes the bread for our church congregation too!).
Home church since the dreaded C-virus 
has been incredibly spiritual and uplifting.  
The introvert homebody in me wants this to be the forever new normal.
But I know there is great purpose in gathering with fellow saints.
Later in the evening, we sat down and
ended our family 24-hour fast with a simple lovely dinner
prepared by Mr. Nielson (I'm off "duty" on the weekends).
And then we all laughed at this amazing photo that's
going around the feeds:

Kinda looks like my garage.

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