Thursday, April 09, 2020

"Project 8" Day 4

it was Nicholas's turn to celebrate Lottie.
He had covered the dining room table with a pink plastic 
cloth and had an assortment of paints and glitter for the project.

His plans included painting paper-mache unicorns
then watching a movie together (Lottie's choice, of course!).
As they painted they munched on Lottie's Pinata candy.  
By the time they finished painting it was about 5:00, and
I have to admit I was exhausted!  I had followed Lottie around
 on her exciting fun-filled day and now was dead.
Also to note, earlier in the day Lottie's cute boyfriends,
(brothers who we call "Weili" (Will and Eli))
had "heart-attacked our front door with secret messages
 written in white crayon.
She spent hours painting the hearts to uncover the sweetest
messages that they had written to her.

 Gigs and Lottie let their newly painted unicorns dry in the sun, 
then turned on a movie and decompressed on the couch.
Nicholas's project was a perfect way to end 
Lottie's fun-filled sibling planned birthday,
and also a perfect time for me to slip away
 and take a nap on my bed.
Mr. Nielson had been at a nearby ranch working cattle for 
most of the day, but had come home in time to take us out for dinner.
We all piled in the car and drove into Durham
(and Lottie fell asleep).
Also earlier that day I had made Lottie a birthday cake. 
She was very specific about what she wanted:
 a two-layer strawberry and vanilla cake with sprinkles and turquoise frosting. 
Our plan was to eat it after dinner but
we all came home from eating-out exhausted so we
 skipped the cake and instead went to bed.
(We finally ate the cake on Sunday evening!):
Project 8 was a HUGE and wonderful success!
 We all just adore and LOVE
 Charlotte so much!

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