Friday, April 10, 2020

Last weekend with birthday cake.

Last weekend we enjoyed and relished in listening to our good
 Prophet and Church leaders in the worldwide General Conference.
As per the Nielson family tradition, we pulled out the
 air mattresses to enjoy the 12+ hour weekend conference.  
We also had a sweet puzzle going and it took us a solid week to finish.

Jane made the most delicious cinnamon rolls that I've ever had.
I told her she could only make them once a year
because I ate 5 of them in one sitting, and 
I was sure I was breaking the Word of Wisdom somehow.
Also, I call them "sweet rolls" and everyone makes fun of me.
Is that a Utah thing?
After the final conference session on Sunday, 
we sat down to dinner as a family and thanked God for such amazing
 Church leaders and their counsel.
We talked about our favorite talks, speakers
 and parts of the conference.
(Which has been translated into 14 different far).

After dinner, we finally ate the birthday cake I had made Lottie
on Friday. She blew out eight candles, made a silent wish, and cried.
I have to admit that I'm a little sad that my baby is turning into a little lady.

Then we went for a walk in the pleasant North Carolina weather.
Spring has not only been exceptionally colorful,
but so warm and lovely, and the moon was full and gorgeous.
(We are all so excited about when the fireflies will pop out!).
 fellow Latter-day Saints and the world in fasting 
"that the present pandemic may be controlled, caregivers protected, 
the economy strengthened, and life normalized.”
Spiritual Enlightenment: An Especially Noble Calling
[The] "Prophet Joseph Smith counseled the sisters to
 “live up to [their] privilege.” Their example teaches us today.
 They unitedly followed a prophet’s voice and lived with
steadfast faith in Jesus Christ as they
 helped lay the foundation we now stand upon. 
Sisters, it is our turn. We have a divine errand from the Lord,
 and our faithful, unique contributions are vital.
-Joy D. Jones

We also love the Church's new symbol of
Jesus Christ!

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