Wednesday, April 08, 2020

"Project 8" Day 3

Project 8 for Lottie's birthday continues...
 After Jane's amazing spa and a quick lunch, it was Oliver's turn.
Oliver had prepared a treasure hunt around the neighborhood
with clues written on parchment paper with a quill pen dipped in red ink
stamped with a wax seal,
and then tucked into glitter plastic eggs!
The messages inside the eggs held clues to where Lottie
would finish the treasure hunt at the 
decorated treehouse in the woods where a unicorn Piñata
was waiting for her.
For the first few clues, they walked and Lottie carried her new
birthday unicorn backpack (which she will most likely not
even use at school this year), then 
waiting for them at clue #5 were their scooters which they rode
to the last clue where Oliver's
motorcycle (with a Unicron horn) took her
her into the woods to the treehouse/Piñata.

Oliver also had made Lottie a bouquet of flowers with wild blossoms
from the yard.  (Ok, I tied the bouquet up with pink ribbon!).
I should insert here that I don't remember seeing Lottie ever this
excited.  She could hardly speak!

Ollie covered her eyes and handed her a stick.
She whiffed the unicorn a few times, so he untied her 
bandana and she made a direct hit and the candy came!

I was totally impressed with Ollie's effort to make
Lottie's birthday a fun success, he put so much time
and effort into his surprise, it was so cute!  
Back at The White House
 Nicholas was setting up his Project craft...

This day never ends.......

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