Tuesday, April 07, 2020

"Project 8" Day 2

Lottie's secret special "Project 8", it was Jane's turn.  

Jane had planned on treating Lottie to a spa, and turned her
 her bathroom into a luxurious pampering spot for Lottie.

Jane did Lottie's hair, gave her a facial complete with mineral mask,
a cucumber eye treatment, hand massage,
 and a mani-pedi with pink glittery cupcake smelling polish.
Jane had Lottie's favorite sparkling water drink and her favorite music
playing in the background.
It was a dream come true for Lottie, and Jane had worked so hard
to make the spa super special for Charlotte.

After the spa, Jane and Lottie read books 
until her next adventure with Oliver was ready...
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