Monday, April 06, 2020

"Project 8" Day 1

Over the weekend:
Friday, Lottie turned eight!! Saturday/Sunday we enjoyed a very
 fulfilling and an amazing General Conference,
 and today Lottie will be baptized as a
 member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
But for today's post, I'm going to write about Lottie's eighth birthday.
The other Nies accuse me of treating Lottie as my favorite child.
She's not my favorite, she's my youngest so yes, I admit I may
treat her differently, and it's mostly because she's my last..., my baby!
I think all moms baby the family baby, right?! Can't be helped.
Weeks ago when it looked like Lottie would be having a
home quarantined birthday, I planted into the minds of the
Nies a plan to make Lottie's birthday super special.
  I named this plan "Project 8" so we could refer to it and Lottie 
would never know what we were talking about.
For Project 8, I asked each Nie to think of something special they could do
with Lottie on her birthday.  It could be a craft, a project, playing a game,
 or whatever they could think of to do with her.
 The rules were simple:  it had to be just the two of them,
and the project had to be a minimum of one hour.
Days before April 3rd (Lottie's birthday) we finalized Project 8.
The Nies wrote down any materials they needed for their project
and the night before Lottie's birthday, I had Mr. Nielson take Lottie
in the car and Nies and I had a planning meeting.
We sat at the table wrapping her presents and prepping for Project 8.
Claire would kick-off the first of the many wonderful memories
for Lottie's special day.

She woke up early while everyone was asleep and made
Lottie's favorite breakfast of crepes to serve her breakfast in bed.
(in the boys' room).
After breakfast, Lottie opened up presents downstairs and she and
 Claire played with her new horse stable.
(I put party hats on all of her horses and people).
As Claire's project 8 plan came to an end,
 Jane was upstairs preparing for her project: 
The Spa...

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