Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Me Too

Well, I stood in the pouring rain for almost 30 minutes 
at the grocery store to get inside while an employee walked
 around the line with a 6-foot ruler measuring distances of those in the line.
I have to admit, I felt really discouraged.  
How long will this last? 
At checkout I wasn't able to bag my own groceries, 
or use my own disposable bags, and to top it all off, 
I had no idea what the checker was saying to me behind 
the thick plastic divider and behind his face mask.
Mostly I smiled and nodded once and awhile.
I don't doubt that the C-virus is a real threat to our societies 
and communities, but it's getting old.
For us financially it's completely overwhelming and starting 
up a company right now has been daunting and scary!

I read this quote in an article I was reading in the news and very much related:
"If you're stuck in a house with your kids and your partner,
 that can be really overwhelming for an introvert,” 
says psychotherapist Perri Shaw Borish, who specializes
 in treating anxiety and depression. 
“They (Stephanie Nielson) need personal space, 
so if they feel it’s being invaded, it's going to feel really draining on them.”

As an introvert myself, I too I have felt completely drained these
 past few weeks because my space is definitely being invaded!
I love LOVE being stuck at home,
 maybe just not with everyone for 24 hours a day. 
It's nice to be able to send children out in the world 
(school and work) for a few hours
and then have them come back when I am refreshed and ready to receive them.
On the flip side, I have never seen Jane happier.  
She absolutely thrives being at home.  
She works harder, gets things done faster, and her mood and
 personality are completely different...it's pleasant. 
Yesterday I asked Lottie to throw all the dirty clothes from upstairs 
over the balcony so I could gather them up and begin the wash.
Angus who was was on his favorite perch on the stairs 
just lay there oblivious to the clothes as they began pilling up on top of him,
sometimes I feel the same way.

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