Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Since the C-virus, Claire has sadly joined the
 22 MILLION Americans who are unemployed.  
It's been frustrating since working was a big part of her 
life socially and physically (and in her bank account too). 
One day Claire mentioned
 how much she wanted a new swimming suit and then
Ollie said that he wanted a new football helmet. 
 Then one of them had the genius idea (or maybe it was Mr. Nielson?)
 to sign up to be "dashers" 
for the food delivery service Door Dash.
Each afternoon the two of them head into town to pick up
 dinner at random restaurants then deliver it to strangers 
throughout Chapel Hill for a few hours.
Somedays they come home with amazing stories of their 
adventures and the people they see, the food they deliver:
 (some super gross and some super good), 
the homes and neighborhoods, and the good tips: (15 dollars) 
and the horrendous tips (50 cents).
They usually get home around 7:00 just as I am putting dinner on the table. 
 And over dinner, we break down their delivery and sometimes they 
make out pretty good, and sometimes when we count the 
cost of gas it turns out they actually paid Door Dash to deliver food to people. 
 Those days are frustrating.

But it has given them something to do, and they get to 
spend the day together while making a little cash.
Yesterday Oliver's fancy football helmet came in the mail and Claire's
cute swimming suit is on its way!

The Little Nies 7 years ago today (Ollie!!!):

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