Monday, April 20, 2020

Home Church Week 5

Yesterday in our family home church we discussed the words
who stood on top of a high tower and shared 
the words of God to his people.

And during our Sunday school portion
I asked each Nie to read a passage of King Benjamin's words
from the scriptures and share it with the family while
standing on our coffee table (for dramatic effect).
They were all hesitant to do it, (except for Lottie)
but I made them, and it turned out to be very powerful. And funny.
Then I asked them to share one thing they have learned,
loved, and heeded personally from our modern-day prophets. 
Each Nie shared something profound and simple.
I love that my children heed the prophet!  What better gift could
they offer to God(and me as their mother)
 then obedience to His words!
(They are going to kill me for posting these photos,
but that's what I do! ;)
I shared one of my favorite quotes from Church leader Joy D. Jones:

"Women wear many hats, but it is impossible, and unnecessary,
 to wear them all at once. 
The Spirit helps us determine which work to focus on today.
The Lord’s loving influence through the Holy Ghost helps us know 
His priority for our progression. Heeding personal revelation 
leads to personal progression.
We listen and act."

How thankful as the mother of our home to hear 
and apply these words in my life!

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