Wednesday, March 18, 2020

St. Patrick's Day 2020.

In the chaos of the Coronavirus, the Nielson family still
celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

This year for our traditional dinner, 
I made Brussels sprouts and cabbage stew 
with red potatoes, onions, and carrots too. 

Of course, what would a St. Paddy's Day dinner be without soda bread?
We had jam and butter to spread on it (it was a little bland this year)
and a side of green Jell-O because, 
well, it's green, and everyone loves Jell-O.
I made a 4-layer vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting.
It was supposed to be a rainbow cake with bold colors but instead ended
up looking pastel and more like an Easter dessert.  
The Nies didn't mind.

As we ate, we listened to Irish pub music and music from the Cranberries.
Lottie taped the little Leprechaun she drew last year under someone's chair,
and per tradition and according to Lottie, 
whoever had the Leprechaun got to say the prayer,
 and fill his/her plate with food first.
This year it was Gigs!

Mr. Nielson, the girls, and I watched the movie
 Brooklyn in the living room, and the others watched
another show in my bedroom.
That. Movie. 
We all cried because that movie will make you feel every emotion.
It's been a Nielson favorite for years
and is perfect to watch this time of year.

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