Thursday, March 19, 2020

We Good!

Early yesterday morning after Claire, Mr. Nielson, Angus and I came in from
a lovely 4-mile walk I got a message in a family text
informing me that Utah just had a 5.7 earthquake.  
And then I said out loud: WHAT IS GOING ON?
I don't want to make anyone worried or anything, but
We shouldn't be so surprised about what is going on
 these are afterall the "latter days",
and we are afterall the "Latter-Day Saint people", 
and we should be ready and prepared and most of all, not fearful!
But when cereal and bread is 
  gone from the store it's hard not to panic a little.
One good thing about having Christian work from home is that about
every 30 minutes I wander into his office (our bedroom) to 
lament my fears and worries on him.
He makes me feel better and comforts my concerns then it's
back to work with the Nies and school.
This afternoon Nicholas broke the Coronavirus protocol 
and had a friend over to hang out.
They spent most of the day outside.
Thank heavens the sun is shining, and we have beans and rice stored
in our garage, wet wipes, toilet paper, several (about 20)
 cases of assorted Bubly drinks, a few packs of Dr. Pepper,
and 3 packages of Cadbury eggs.

We good!

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