Tuesday, March 17, 2020

As Normal As Possible

At my morning Barre3 class, they announced
 that they too would be shutting their doors in the wake of the 
Coronavirus. I guess it was inevitable.
That means that Claire is temporarily out of a job since
she worked at the studio.
But that won't stop us from our daily Barre classes,
 the girls and I (Mr. Nielson too, maybe?) will do the online classes,
thank heavens for that option!
After my class, I went to the store and stocked 
up on lots of delicious fresh colorful food.
With bare shelves, massive amounts of crowds, and so much
 fearful energy everywhere I go, it's hard not to feel uncertain too.  
I am determined to keep life here in The White House as normal as possible,
and I think that includes lots of conversations about what is going on
in our world, and to have lots faith in God.
I shared this quote from Howard W. Hunter 
with my children tonight:
“Fear, which can come upon people in difficult days,
 is a principal weapon in the arsenal which Satan uses to make mankind unhappy. 
He who fears loses strength for the combat of life in the fight against evil. 
Therefore the power of the evil one always tries to 
generate fear in human hearts.
 In every age and in every era, mankind has faced fear.”
I am thankful for the covents I have made with God to obey
Him and His commandments. 
That is great protection to me and my family.

At the store, we bought a puzzle to do while the Nies are
home from school.  At the rate we do puzzles, 
a cure for the virus will be discovered and distributed before we finish.
Tonight I will make a St. Paddy's Day dinner and we'll
celebrate being together and our 1.0002% Irish heritage.
Like I said, I'm keeping life as normal and happy as possible.
The laundry doesn't discriminate against the Coronavirus.

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