Monday, March 16, 2020

Pi-Day, Home Church, COVID-19

Amid concerns with the Coronavirus, the Nielson family still celebrated Pi-Day!
I made two cold pies this year; chocolate silk pie, and key lime pie.
Both turned out delicious, and mostly because of Jane
hand squeezed a dozen key limes to make it extra amazing.
On Saturday afternoon after a family
bike ride around the neighborhood, we got a phone call from 
the school district and they informed us that school was
 officially canceled for a minimum of 2 weeks.
Two weeks!!  I am both excited and...well, you know.
We did homeschool for a whole year while we lived at the ranch, 
so this shouldn't be so hard for us. 
But at the ranch, we had endless amounts of space and 
land to disappear in for a while if we needed a breather from
each other.  But you know me, I love having everyone
close and safe in my little abode, and I can provide that!
Luckily my Barre class hasn't been canceled yet, 
so I am relying on that to be a nice little outlet for me.
Yesterday our family enjoyed "home church" since all church
meetings were cancelled, (next week too!).
We gathered together to sing hymns and pray together.
Mr. Nielson and I talked about The Book of Mormon prophet
Jacob and his counsel to the people (and us) about focusing on 
the Savior and His teachings to rule and guide our lives.
This lesson is so appropriate to us today in these uncertain times.

Then we watched our prophet,
Russell M. Nelson share a message of hope to the world. 
 He is God's prophet on the earth today, 
we KNOW IT and feel extreme comfort in his words.
Lottie made little flyers to put around the house to remind us
to fear not and be of good cheer!

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