Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Sweet Jane!

Yesterday Jane turned 17!
Before bed, we sat down together and she told me the 17 top
favorite things she did to celebrate her special day:

1. Christian, Claire, Jane and I take an early morning 
Barre3 class together.  I had asked our favorite instructor Hope
 (who is one of the most beautiful genuine Southern souls I know,
and is someone Jane just loves and admires)
to make a playlist of Jane's favorite music for our workout
It was too perfect.  There were several times during class I 
wanted to cry, I felt super emotional.  
Mostly I felt so thankful for Jane and for Hope who loves
 Jane and appreciates her music.
(Tom Petty, The Killers, INXS...etc)

 Grecian bust, and Scandinavian cookbook
to name a few of her favorite presents.

3. Acai bowls after Barre3 class.

4. A nice long hot (unrushed) shower.

5. Playing her new My Chemical Romance vinyl record
from Claire.

6. Receiving so many nice messages from friends and family.

7. Spending a good portion of the day with just Claire
driving in the car listening to David Bowie sing "Major Tom".
(Jane LOVES Claire so much)

8. Seeing Little Women with Claire in an empty theater.

9. Recreating this photo 15 years ago in 2005 on Jane's 2nd birthday
in the Harvey Circle house in New Jersey:
10. Me waking her up in the morning and singing happy birthday.
(She really REALLY said that!)

11. A chilly, cloudy, rainy day.  Her favorite (and mine!)

12. Hanging out in the kitchen and eating the
 birthday cake frosting out of the mixer
13. Having dinner out with the family.

14. Blowing out her candles and making a wish.

15. Going around the table as a family to share why we love Jane.
16. Finding a special gift on the front porch WITHOUT a note.
The works of a secret admirer?  (I think so).

17. Missing school.

 I love you Jane!

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