Thursday, February 20, 2020

My Love

For Valentine's Day, Mr. Nielson and I decided to honor
 each other and our love by spending quality time together.
We decided to do something special every day during
the week leading up to Valentine's Day.
Things like: working out together in the mornings, lunch out, car drives, 
temple trips, getting treats, writing love notes, 
and going for walks together around the neighborhood.
(Barre3 Class together)

This year's Valentine's Day has been my favorite
 because of how deliberate we've been with our time together.
It's been so fun planning simple (naps), exciting (hotel in Raliegh), 
and quality (temple) activities to do together.
Also fun: we've been listening to all the love songs we claim as ours
since we met in 2000.
And for a special Valentine's Day treat,
Jane compiled them all on a playlist.
It's been so fun to listen to them and remember our life
and our love and everything good in our marriage.
Some songs made me weepy and nostalgic
thinking about Mr. Nielson and every bit of our life together:
the good, the bad, the hard, and the absolutely sublime.
(Honeymoon in the Bahamas 2000)

And I couldn't help but get these amazing Love coupons
for Mr. Nielson (they'll work nicely for me too!).
With this little pad of coupons, we can surprise
each other with goodness all year round!

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