Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Just for Funsies

Dear Mr. Nielson,
Well, we've made it exactly two weeks without seeing each other. 
 It's been a wild few weeks, 
(storms, power outages, and the water filter going out to name a few),
and I am more than ready to have you home.
Yesterday while I was peacefully reading on the couch in our
 bedroom Oliver plopped down on the bed 
(with his motorcycle helmet on of course), and soon Lottie wandered in 
with Angus following close behind.  She jumped on our bed
 and started wrestling with Ollie and somehow she had a
 helmet on too....and I don't even know.
Soon Nicholas came in the room to see what was going on....
and then I felt like I was at the circus.
Just for funsies, I decided to put a garbage bag in front of the door 
from the garage to see who would pick it up and throw
it in our garbage can outside.
I mean you have jump over the sack to get in the house.
I left it there for the whole day on Saturday.
No one threw it away but everyone walked over it.
Tonight at dinner I think we'll discuss being a little more helpful.

TWO MORE DAYS until I see your brown eyes, and just in time for
Valentine's Day....or our as we call it: Lovers Holiday.

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