Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Something right.

Late last night and out of nowhere, Angus jumped up and ran to the front door.
Then I heard it, the familiar sound of a diesel engine truck-
my Mr. Nielson's diesel engine truck!
Could it be???  
I ran to the window just as Mr. Nielson got out of the car.
I couldn't believe it!  I ran outside and jumped in his arms.
Welcome home, Darling!!!
What a wonderful surprise!
This morning we attended a Barre class together, then went to lunch
with Claire, who joined us after work.
It was a perfect welcome home activity and so fun
to listen to him talk about his trip, the people he met, and also
look through his photos (and his face).
And the cherry on top was that
it was a rainy and overcast day (and lil bit humid).
Our good friends invited us over for dinner, and on the way home,
we listened to The Phantom of the Opera music on level 100.
It was so loud the windows shook along with the organ.
Sidenote: while Mr. Nielson was gone, the girls and I got into
the 2004 version of The Phantom of the Opera-
the one with handsome Gerard Butler.
I've seen and loved the movie several times, but Clane 
(and Lottie and the boys) hadn't, and they really got into it--
like obsessed with it.
And it's all we've been listing to for weeks now.
(Best part of the movie)

Anyway, on the way home from dinner with the music
up way loud, we drove in the super eerie North Carolina backroads
to The White House as the fog hovered the roads like
 ghosts haunting our neighborhood. 
It was the perfect Phantom weather. 
We pulled into the driveway just as Christine (Emmy Rossum)
hit the highest note known to man in the
end of the song "The Phantom of the Opera."
It couldn't have been more perfect, and we all clapped after.

After prayers, I tucked Lottie into bed, and she said to me
"Mom, I want everyone in the world to be as happy 
as I am tonight."  
Be still my heart!  I must be doing something right.
(Christian and Lottie 2016)

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