Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Welcome 2020!

New Year's Day proved to be one of the laziest to date in the Nielson home.
Everyone lounged around except for me--I was feeling a little stir crazy,
 and in a moment of new year madness,
 I took down one (of our five) Christmas trees.
I couldn't take it anymore.  
It was dry as a bone and every time someone walked by 
it it rained needles.  Sadly it had to go.
I think Jane really cried. 
And now for years to come I will probably find pine needles
in every nook and cranny in the house.

But late in the afternoon we did get up and get dressed
 and out the door in search of a good treat.
(I miss The Sweet Tooth Fairy!).
We drove around for a while before choosing something that
all seven of us could agree on.
When we returned to The White House the Nies and Mr. Nielson
decided to take a 2020 plunge in the backyard hot tub.
Meanwhile I prepared an assortment of fondue dips, 
for our dinner-- and also a new New Year's tradition.
Except my cheese fondue wasn't very good, and
if I don't get that figured out this fondue tradition will die.
Then we all put on our Pj's and gathered around the table listening to
old French music and eating.
For some reason old French music is a New Year's thing for me.
Then at 12:01 on January 2nd, I put up the Happy Birthday banner 
for Oliver and went to be bed.
The holiday break has turned us Nielson seven
into regular partiers who stay up late and sleep in.

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