Tuesday, January 07, 2020

New Year's Eve 2019.

New Year's Eve 2020:
On New Year's Eve, the girls and I woke up early to attend 
our Barre3 class, then over a smoothie at the cafe next door
I expressed to the girls my hope
for the rest of the day, which included decorating The White House for 
New Years...aka balloon arch.

The fantastic balloon arch took me and Claire at least 3 hours
to construct, and I almost died a few times hanging it up.
But the end product was definitely worth it,
(especially the confetti balloons).
Around 5:00, we decided to venture
 into Chapel Hill for our last dinner of the year.
Plans for the rest of the Nielson evening included a
 party at a friend's house like last year.
I don't know if I'm getting old or what 
but all I wanted to do was get in the hot tub, put on my nightgown, 
flip on my mattress warmer, 
and watch documentaries on TV into the new year.
So, Claire drove the Nies to the party and
 Mr. Nielson and I did just that.
Of course, at 11:55, we jumped out of bed and pulled the grape bubbly out
from the garage refrigerator, along with 
the champagne flutes.
Then we went to the front porch and yelled
 the countdown from the top of our lungs while
 Angus barked and made a ruckus.

Then we smooched, did a little slow dance, talked about a few 
goals, and promised each other that 2020 would be our best yet!
Then we hopped back into bed and waited for the Nies to come home.
After everyone was home safe and sound and snuggled in beds,
I told Mr. Nielson that that was my kind of New Year's Eve.

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